About US

Hebrews 12:1

"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."


Run your race in such a way that you may seize Eternal Gold and make it yours!

Vision Statement

God First Athletics Apparel looks to permeate the Gospel of Christ through our Brand. We are calling for every individual alive to run to the best of their abilities the marathon called life, with something that never dies in our hearts. With a cloud of witnesses we want to live each day with courage and persistent faith.  

Mission Statement

God First Athletics Apparel is an artistic Brand geared towards those individuals who appreciate unique fashion and keep everything God First! We promote one body through Christ and reflect on the power and presence of the Holy Spirit on Earth. God First Athletics Apparel uses its creative and magnificent designs to inspire and infuse the Glory of God and the message of Salvation through his son Christ Jesus! Everyone that participates by wearing any gfaapparel merchandise is showing their support and love for the mission, so we consider them family. Each gfaapparel garments & items are crafted with the Love of Christ and looks to shape hearts for his Gospel.

Core Values

Here at God First Athletics Apparel we strive to be God Like and look to display qualities that reflect that inside and out. We have values that we believe in and refuse to compromise.

1. Integrity

2. Faithfulness

3. Compassion

4. Discipline & Dedication

5. Boldness in the face of adversity

Community Outreach

God First Athletics Apparel intends to inspire true professionals from all walks of life to use their gifts to edify the kingdom of God. We want to inspire those who have a passion to reach their communities and be able to give back to our society in many ways. 

God First Athletics Apparel puts together numerous activities for communities. We look to elevate our communities through various paths and develop our youth through. 

Mentor-ship- guiding and supporting the youth, providing information and advise that can help them in making decisions while trying to navigate through this maze of life.

Fellowship- sharing biblical truths the can relate to personal situations and adjusting to present times to conquer obstacles that may seem insurmountable. Prayer and seeking God for wisdom and understanding.

Sportsmanship- We sow knowledge and expertise from professionals of numerous athletics sports teams. Training and coaching from professionals to sharpen and develop premier skills that can help assure improvement. Teaching values that help grow character within each player. Learning teamwork and accountability.